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Amnesty International, 2017, My Body, My Rights!: Vizualizare

Athena Initaitive, What Women Want. A Toolkit for Putting Accountability into Action: Vizualizare

Batliwala, Srilatha, Friedman, Michel, 2014, Achieving Transformative Leadership. A toolkit for organisations and movements Vizualizare

Bereny, Katalin, 2016, Rethinking the Advocacy Tools of the EU in Exporting Legal Principles to the MENAT Region to Tackel Childhood Statelesness, Statelesness Working Paper Series, no. 5, Institute on Statelesness and Inclusion: Vizualizare

BOND, 2005, The How and Why of Advocacy Vizualizare

Center for Health and Gender Equity, 2014, Creating Space for Youth-Led Advocacy on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: A Guatemala Case Study: Vizualizare

Girls Not Brides, 2015, Post-2015 Advocacy Toolkit, The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage: Vizualizare

FOND, 2015, Ghid de bune practici în advocacy privind expertiza FOND, București Vizualizare

FRIDA – The Young Feminist Fund, 2017, Resouce Mobilization Toolkit for Girls, Young Women and Trans Youth: Vizualizare

IPPF, SRI, 2012, Sexual Rights and the Universal Periodic Review. A toolkit for advocates Vizualizare

Knuckey, Sarah, Satterhwaite, Margaret, Brown, Adams, 2018, Trauma, Depression and Burnout in the Human Rights Field: Identifying Barriers and Pathways to Resilient Advocacy: Vizualizare

Minority Rights Group Europe, 2015, Minority Rights Advocacy in the EU: A Guide for NGOs in Eastern Partnership countries: Vizualizare

National LGBT Task Force, 2017, Queering Reproductive Justice: A Toolkit: Vizualizare

Philantrophy Australia, 2018, The Power of Advocacy Vizualizare

Richards, Joanna, A Toolkit for Gender Advocacy: Vizualizare

Robyn Gregory, Elly, Taylor, 2013, Toolkit for Working in a Feminist Organisation, Women’s Health West Vizualizare

Scottish Human Rights Commision, 2017, Advocating for Human Rights: Vizualizare

The Advocates for Human Rights, Advocacy at the United Nations, Chapter 9: Vizualizare

The African Women’s Development and Communication Network,2017, Supporting Evidence Based Advocacy on the Rights of Women and Girls and other sexual, reproductive and health rights: Vizualizare

The Coalition for Adolescent Girls Poverty Ends with Her, 2015, Partners & Allies. Toolkit for Meaningful Adolescent Girls Engagement: Vizualizare

The Greenlining Institute, 2013, Racial Equity Toolkit. Implementing Greenlining’s Racial Equity Framework: Vizualizare

Truth in Reality, 2013-2015, Media Advocacy Toolkit. Redifining HERstory. Wake Up, Speak Up, Rise Up Vizualizare

ACT!2015:one goal, 2014, Advocacy Strategy Toolkit: Vizualizare

UNESCO, 2014, Advocacy Toolkit for Teachers to Provide a Quality Education: Vizualizare

UNICEF, 2010, Advocacy Toolkit. A guide to influencing decisions that improve children’s lives, New York: Vizualizare

UNICEF, UNOPA, 2005, Curs de advocacy. Manualul participantului 21-24.06.2005, manual elaborat în cadrul proiectului Participarea tinerilor la combaterea stigmei şi discriminării – Reţea de tineri activişti pentru drepturile tinerilor în context HIV/SIDA”, Sinaia: Vizualizare

United Nations, 2012, Promoting and Protecting Minority Rights. A Guide for Advocates: Vizualizare

Universal Access Project, United Nations Foundation, 2017, Reporter’s Toolkit. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Worldwide: Vizualizare

UN Women, 2015, How to Design Projects to End Violence against Women and Girls: Vizualizare

WACC, “Mission Possible”: A Gender and Media Advocacy Toolkit Vizualizare

Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy, 2005, Advocacy Toolkit Skills for Effective Self and Peer Advocacy: Vizualizare

World Health Organization, 2017, Advocating for Change for Adolescents. A Practical Toolkit for Young People to Advocate for Improved Adolescent Health and Well-being: Vizualizare

Woman Kind, 2016, Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals to advance women’s rights and gender equality: An advocacy Guide Vizualizare

Women Deliver, 2016, Respecting, Protecting and Fulfilling our Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. A Toolkit for Young Leaders: Vizualizare

Women Enabled International, 2016, Enabling a Global Human Rights Movement for Women and Girls with Disabilities: Global Disabled Women’s Rights Advocacy Report: Vizualizare

Women’s Empowerment Cancer Advocacy Network (WE CAN), Instrumente de advocacy în cancerul la sân și de col: Vizualizare

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